Roof installation for new construction projects.  North-Ply is licensed to install TPO, EPDM, and PVC Roofing Systems on New Construction Projects.  Pricing and Value Engineering will be provided if needed.  Please email plans and specifications to Tom Adams at   

Maintenance program which includes annual inspections and repairs.  The maintenance program includes two inspections a year.  This inspection provides an inspection report which includes photographs, repair recommendations, maintenance recommendations, etc.  After the report is completed onsite it will be emailed to the client.  If problems or leaks are needed, the inspector will call or discuss with the building manager onsite.  ​

Roof replacement for construction projects, additions, building maintenance, etc.  North-Ply can install full roofing systems, overlay roofing systems, new membrane installation, new insulation installation, etc.

Single Ply Roofing Systems (TPO, EPDM, and PVC)

Built Up Roofing System 

North-Ply Contracting Corporation can provide pricing for roof replacement, roof repair, etc.  Roof replacement and budgetary numbers can be provided for future work.  North-Ply along with its manufactures can work together providing a quality and cost effective roofing system for your building.

Emergency Roof Replacement and Repair Services.

We can mobilize and take care of the roofing problems so that it does not hinder your business.



roof repair and leak prevention

​​new construction Roofing

Roof replacement